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Terms of Service

The Ishikawa Sightseeing Photo Library is a collection of royalty-free photographs, including those of seasonal scenic views and cultural buildings of Ishikawa Prefecture. We have created this website with the aim of conveying the charm of Ishikawa Prefecture to as many people as possible.

You can use the photographic data included in this collection as it is, or you can edit or process it. However, you may not use any of these photographs in order to create or sell products whose marketability depends on the photographs themselves (such as digital data collections, calendars, or picture postcards). Even if part of the photograph has been processed, it is prohibited to sell products containing data from this library which might consequently result in the secondary use of the data by a third party.

You are not permitted to use any photographic data included in this collection for the purpose of renting it out. You are also not permitted to copy any photographic data from this collection to sell or transfer it to a third party.

It is prohibited to send photographic data from this collection by attaching it to e-mails that are sent to large numbers of people, such as in electronic mailing lists or e-mail magazines.

The copyright for all image data on this website belongs to Ishikawa Prefecture.
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