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Crafts and fine art are integral to the culture of Ishikawa. Master craftsmanship has been a hallmark of the area for over 400 years. Today, craftspeople carry on this tradition through unchanging methods and razor-sharp attention to detail.

Crafts local to Ishikawa include Kaga-yuzen silk kimono, exclusive tea ceremony ware made only by descendants of the Ohi family, gold-embellished Wajima lacquerware, and vibrant Kutani porcelain ware. Each piece captures the spirit and skill of the artisan, as well as centuries of technique and history.

Luxury travelers can arrange to visit studios to see artisans at work and learn the significance of each craft. Choose a one-of-a-kind work to purchase, or commission a bespoke piece, such as a Kaga-yuzen kimono.


The Sea of Japan coast and fertile fields inland give Ishikawa access to some of Japan’s best ingredients. Seafood—including crab, abalone, and sea bream—is a highlight of Ishikawa cuisine, as are Noto beef and fresh vegetables. The area pairs these natural bounties with centuries of support for fine dining, and the result is a sublime culinary experience.

Kaga-ryori, the prefecture’s local style of cuisine, highlights the flavors of seasonal, local ingredients. Every element of a Kaga-ryori meal reflects Ishikawa, from Wajima lacquerware tableware to servers wearing Kaga-yuzen kimono. Kaga-ryori is often served as high-end kaiseki courses. Some of the most luxurious courses are found at ryotei—exclusive, traditional-style restaurants, many of which feature geisha entertainment and hospitality.

Culinary experiences in Ishikawa are not limited to traditional Japanese foods like Kaga-ryori, kaiseki, and sushi. Highly skilled chefs of nearly every discipline maximize the area’s quality ingredients to create masterpieces for any palate.


Ishikawa’s centuries-old tradition of hospitality thrives at its luxury ryokan inns. High-end accommodation in the prefecture provides well-appointed rooms in a variety of styles alongside some personalized experiences. Stay at a Relais & Chateaux-affiliated ryokan, bathe in private hot-spring baths, or interact with craftspeople and farmers at work.