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Luxury Travel in Ishikawa


Luxury Travel in Ishikawa

Refined ryokan accommodation

Ishikawa’s high-end ryokan inns combine the area’s hot springs, cuisine, and culture of hospitality: omotenashi. Steeped in tradition, these inns are sanctuaries of calm, elegance, and class. They are the perfect place to revel in slow-paced relaxation and experience traditional Ishikawa. Wakura Onsen, Yamanaka Onsen, and Yamashiro Onsen are among the hot-spring resort towns that feature particularly luxurious ryokan stays.

Visitors staying in Kanazawa can feel the city’s refined air through their accommodation. Luxury ryokan in the city blend its modern elegance and historic charm.

Haute cuisine: Japanese fine dining

The Maeda family loved fine dining, and they encouraged their chefs to make the most of the region’s high-quality seafood, vegetables, and beef. Ishikawa’s cuisine, known as Kaga-ryori, continues to flourish. The best way to experience Kaga-ryori is through kaiseki, a meticulously prepared, multi-course meal. Kaiseki can be enjoyed at ryokan or specialty kaiseki restaurants around Ishikawa.

The prefecture’s location on the Sea of Japan gives it access to a range of seafood. In addition to kaiseki, catches such as snow crab, amberjack, and abalone feature heavily in Ishikawa’s sushi.

Traditional crafts

Ishikawa’s traditional crafts and artisan spirit are integral to its culture. There are many opportunities to visit master craftspeople’s studios and purchase one-of-a-kind works steeped in history.

One of the most exclusive craft products is Ohi ware, Japanese tea ceremony ware made only by heirs of the Ohi family. Buy a piece and see hundreds of years of Ohi history at the Ohi Museum and Ohi Gallery in Kanazawa.

Kaga-yuzen is the local method of high-quality silk dyeing that has been practiced for centuries. This delicate technique is used to create detailed, exclusive kimono. Visit a Kaga-yuzen studio to experience firsthand the attention to detail required to create these stunning works.

Other local crafts to experience and purchase include Wajima lacquerware, Yamanaka lacquerware, Kutani porcelain ware, and gold leaf.