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France | Tourism advisor

Alex hails from France, but he has called Ishikawa home since 2006. He works as a tourism advisor for the city of Kaga, primarily at the tourist information center in Kaga Onsen Station. His command of many languages enables him to spread his love of the area with visitors from all over the world. Alex is particularly fond of the less-visited parts of Ishikawa for their natural beauty and local authenticity.

What brought you to Ishikawa?

My wife is from this area. I first met my wife in France when we were students. We moved here in 2006. I’ve been working at the information center in Kaga Onsen Station since 2016.

Have you noticed any trends in travelers and their interests?

Most people who visit Kaga come for the hot springs, like Yamanaka Onsen and Yamashiro Onsen. They often come either as part of a package tour or on a day trip from Kanazawa. A lot of people seek peace and tranquility after sightseeing in busier areas.

Is there anything that you’d recommend to visitors that they might not normally do?

I think the Hashitate area is very appealing to visitors from overseas, especially those from Western countries. While you can find similar areas along the coast, it’s a very unusual landscape. You can visit the historical center if you’re interested in learning about kitamaebune—merchant ships with a deep history in the area. Or just enjoy the seafood! It’s quiet, so you can really take your time and explore. There are a couple of capes you can visit nearby.

What makes Kaga and Ishikawa special?

There's a sense of authenticity that you can’t get in more well-known areas—especially those that are used to accommodating foreign tourists. If you visit the more remote areas, you can experience a side of Japan that has not changed, which I think is very appealing for visitors.

What other parts of Ishikawa do you recommend?

Kanazawa is a great city for its history and culture. I also like experiencing the wilderness of the Noto Peninsula. It is filled with gorgeous landscapes, and you can really get the feeling of being in a completely different place.