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Yuwaku Onsen 湯涌温泉

Charming hot spring town within easy reach from Kanazawa

Yuwaku Onsen is one of Ishikawa’s most accessible hot spring towns, about 40 minutes by bus from Kanazawa Station and 20 minutes by car from Kenrokuen Garden. Despite its proximity to the city, Yuwaku Onsen retains a relaxed atmosphere.

Overnight visitors can stay at one of nine traditional ryokan inns serving distinctive local cuisine. Most of these ryokan are small and pride themselves on warm, individualized service. One guesthouse is also available for solo and budget travelers. Daytrippers can enjoy the Shirasagi no Yu public bathhouse and the free adjacent footbath.

Yuwaku Onsen offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as snowshoeing, forest bathing, and trekking on Mt. Takao. In autumn, foliage on the surrounding mountains turns to brilliant shades of red and orange.

According to legend, the natural hot spring at Yuwaku Onsen was discovered around 1,300 years ago. During the Edo period (1603–1867), the area was a favorite hunting destination of the Maeda family, the lords of the Kaga domain (present-day Ishikawa and around). The Maedas would relax in the hot springs after a long day of hunting.

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