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Shirayama Hime-jinja Shrine 白山ひめ神社

Purification rituals and ancient trees at a 2,100-year-old shrine

Shirayama Hime-jinja is a 2,100-year-old shrine dedicated to the sacred Mt. Hakusan. It serves as a base for people who make the holy pilgrimage up the mountain. Its tree-covered grounds include an 800-year-old cedar and a trio of cedars planted by Emperor Showa (1901–1989). Zelkova, maple, and cedar trees line a path up to the shrine.

Shirayama Hime-jinja Shrine conducts a ritual called misogi, an act of self-purification in which participants immerse themselves in a bath fed from an underground spring. Group tours, which include praying in the inner sanctum and performing the misogi ritual, are available with advance reservations. Visitors must buy or rent traditional white garments to wear for misogi.

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