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Oyama-jinja Shrine 尾山神社

Chinese- and Western-influenced main gate is a Kanazawa symbol

Oyama-jinja is a Shinto shrine dedicated to Maeda Toshiie (1537–1599), the founder of the Kaga domain (present-day Ishikawa and around), and his wife, Maeda Matsu (1547–1617). It was built in 1873, shortly after the abolition of laws that prevented shrines from being dedicated to people other than the shogun.

The shrine’s three-storied shinmon gate, completed in 1875, served as a symbol of Kanazawa’s vibrancy and importance even after the end of the system of domains in 1871. The gate’s unique design blends Japanese and Chinese architectural styles with Western touches such as stained glass.

The eastern gate, adorned with wooden carvings of dragons, dates from the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1568–1603). It was part of the lords’ residence in Kanazawa Castle and is one of the only structures that survived the many devastating fires at the castle.

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