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Otabi Festival お旅まつり

Parades of traditional floats and children performing kabuki plays

The Otabi Festival is the largest festival in Komatsu and one of the biggest events in all of Ishikawa. Held every May, the Otabi Festival involves parades of wheeled floats called hikiyama. Traditional kabuki theater is performed by local children atop the floats, a reflection of the importance of kabuki to the history of Komatsu.

The festival proudly displays eight carefully preserved hikiyama floats from the festival’s origin nearly 350 years ago. The festival’s main event involves all eight hikiyama coming together as an illuminated nighttime stage for a large kabuki performance by the young actors.

A plethora of food stalls, game booths, and events spring up around Komatsu during the festival. Several local shrines also lead processions of portable shrines (“mikoshi”) through the streets, adding to the festive atmosphere.