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Kutani-yaki Kiln Exhibition Hall 九谷焼窯跡展示館

Large, important kiln from 1824, with exhibits and painting experiences

The Kutani-yaki Kiln Exhibition Hall houses a museum and an 1824 porcelain kiln that was critical in reviving the art of Kutani ware. Kutani ware is Ishikawa’s local style of porcelain, characterized by bold, elaborate designs and striking colors.

The making of Kutani ware started around the 1650s at a single kiln in the village of Kutani (now part of the city of Kaga). However, by the early 1700s, production had ceased. More than a century later, a wealthy merchant determined to revive the art form built a kiln near the site of the original Kutani kiln. He relocated the new kiln to its present site two years later, in 1826. The creation of this kiln was key in bringing back the Kutani ware craft.

The museum exhibits Kutani ware spanning many years, as well as displays of tools and techniques. Visitors can learn about the process in workshops for painting your own porcelain piece. After firing, the pieces are mailed to the maker’s home.

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