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Kanazawa Castle 金沢城公園

Faithfully rebuilt structures, large green spaces, and original stone walls

Kanazawa Castle was home to the Maeda familyduring their rule of the Kaga domain (present-day Ishikawa and around). The castle was built in 1580 and has suffered many devastating fires, most recently in 1881. However, some buildings have been faithfully rebuilt.

The rebuilt structures include two tall turrets with panoramic views over Kenrokuen Garden and the city of Kanazawa. The Hishi-Yagura turret is diamond-shaped rather than rectangular, a display of the Kaga domain’s wealth and engineering prowess. The two turrets and connecting storehouse were constructed by traditional woodworking methods, but equipped with an elevator and stairlift for added accessibility.

The grassy lawns inside the castle walls draw residents and visitors for relaxation and recreation. Gyokuseninmaru Garden, a traditional-style garden, is located on the castle grounds.

Volunteer guides give free walking tours of the castle daily from March to December, and on Saturdays in January and February.

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