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Hiyo Koke no Sato Moss Garden 日用苔の里

Rural village carpeted by carefully maintained, vibrantly green moss

Hiyo is a rural village in a mountainous part of eastern Ishikawa Prefecture. The entire village rests on a giant, verdant moss garden that has been cultivated for generations. The tall cedars that tower over this village of moss make for a mystic stroll through the woods in sunny or rainy weather. The piles of kindling and leaves that residents used for fuel in the past massively accelerated moss growth in the deciduous forest setting. Locals continued to tend to the moss, creating the spectacular green carpet that exists today.

The village itself is very small, with a population of under 30 residents. Its grounds are open to the public despite the fact that Hiyo comprises mostly private homes. The admission fee of 500 yen goes toward moss upkeep.

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