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Farmhouse Stays 農村体験

Immerse yourself in rural Japan with a traditional farmhouse stay

Immerse yourself in the agricultural traditions and rural hospitality of the Noto Peninsula. Enjoy a slower pace of life among serene landscapes where people work in harmony with nature.

Shunran no Sato is a collective of 47 homes that are open to travelers. This community is working together to preserve their agricultural way of life and introduce it to visitors. Arrange an individual stay in a large, traditional Japanese farmhouse with white walls and black-tiled roofs for any size group, including solo travelers. Many seasonal experiences are available, including foraging for wild vegetables and mushrooms, practicing the tea ceremony, learning about mindfulness meditation, harvesting and planting rice, stargazing, and fishing in mountain streams. In the winter you can eat sea bream and amberjack, maki mochi rice cakes or soba noodles, and go snowshoeing. Spend the day cycling through the rice paddies, and enjoy a multi-course breakfast and dinner made with local ingredients while sitting around the irori, a traditional sunken hearth.

Forest are an individualized farm-stay that host one group at a time in the village of Monzen. They offer a full-day custom tour with an English-speaking guide. Go hiking, catch your own seafood on a fishing boat, pick wild mushrooms, visit the workshops of traditional artisans, and cook local dishes. Yuka-an is another private farm stay in a traditional farmhouse. Enjoy breakfast and dinner on Wajima lacquerware or pizza cooked in a wood-burning oven. Hike along mountain ridges, try forest bathing, stroll along the coast, or visit a natural hot spring just 10 minutes away.