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Yunokuni no Mori 加賀伝統工芸村 ゆのくにの森

Crafting and cooking at a theme park of traditional art

Yunokuni no Mori is a theme park village dedicated to Japanese handicrafts. The theme park consists of traditional-style houses spread out over a wide swath of forest. Masters of their respective craft await in each house, teaching and helping visitors to make their own pieces. The houses also display works made by local artisans.

The types of crafts available span many disciplines. Visitors can design Wajima lacquerware, adorn tableware with gold leaf, paint Kutani porcelain ware, or make their own Japanese paper. Other houses contain cooking experiences that include cookies, cakes, and soba. The on-site restaurant, galleries, and tea house bring the region’s distinct culture to Yunokuni no Mori guests.

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