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Ishikawa Tops 2022 Travel Survey

Ishikawa Prefecture is renowned for its delicious Kaga-ryori, and a recent survey of over 14,000 Japanese travelers has confirmed that Ishikawa is a must-visit for gourmets. Ishikawa ranked second in the nation for cuisine in the Jalan Travel Survey 2022. Ishikawa’s natural environment and abundant seafood, along with a long tradition of fostering innovative cuisine, affords visitors unforgettable dining experiences.

The survey also rated Ishikawa number 1 in Japan for the quality of local products and souvenirs, thanks to the prefecture's rich heritage of cuisine and craft. From gold leaf, elegant Kaga-yuzen silk dyeing and refined Wajima lacquerware to delicious Wagashi sweets and preserved seafood, Ishikawa tops the shopping wishlist for travelers.