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Traditional charm meets contemporary cool

Kanazawa, the capital of Ishikawa, is a vibrant, historical city, with convenient access from Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. Its attractions include Kenrokuen Garden, the Nagamachi samurai district and several geisha areas including the Higashi-Chaya district. With rich craft traditions, distinctive local cuisine, traditional architecture and cutting-edge contemporary art, Kanazawa is a must-visit destination.

Youtube Traditional charm meets contemporary cool

A city of riches

Kanazawa was the center of the Kaga domain during the Edo period (1603–1867). The city was the seat of power of the ruling Maeda family, among the richest lords in Japan. The Maeda family built lavishly around Kanazawa, including Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa Castle. A short stroll away is the picturesque Nagamachi samurai district, where some of the Maedas’ retainers lived.

A city of riches

Artisan culture

The Maeda family sponsored a great number of craftspeople, encouraging various art forms to flourish. These crafts include Kaga-yuzen, a silk dyeing technique used on kimono, and Ohi ware, austere tea ceremony bowls. Kanazawa produces 99 percent of Japan’s gold leaf, a craft that has been honed here for centuries. This impossibly thin material graces the surface of art and utensils, as well as food and cosmetics.

Artisan culture

Contemporary art and architecture

Kanazawa’s modern side blends seamlessly with its heritage. The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art houses rotating exhibitions by world-renowned Japanese and international artists. The Tsuzumimon Gate in front of Kanazawa Station blends current architecture with traditional inspiration and has become a modern symbol of the city. The entertainment districts of Katamachi and Korinbo offer ample opportunities for shopping, dining, and nightlife.

Contemporary art and architecture

Must-see spots

Kenrokuen Garden

One of Japan’s greatest traditional-style landscape gardens

Nagamachi Samurai District

Samurai culture lives on in this historic neighborhood

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Forward-thinking contemporary art museum showcasing artists from Japan and abroad

Omicho Market

Experience local culinary culture at Kanazawa’s largest fresh food market

Higashi-Chaya District

Kanazawa’s largest and most lively geiko district